Thursday, July 5, 2012

Auth doesn't belong in the session

PHP locks session access by default, from the time you call session_start() until session_commit(), or until the response is fully written if you didn't commit it earlier.  If you store your authenticated state ("user bob; expires at 12:30") inside the session, then you have to open the session any time you need to know who the user is.  If that makes you set up your app to open the session automatically and leave it open the whole request, then you're hurting parallelism if you have read-only operations.

If you store the auth info in a separate, MAC'd* cookie instead, then you can read the auth state without affecting the session.  Of course, the auth cookie is the most powerful one, so all possible protections should apply: HttpOnly and Secure, served over HTTPS.

* Don't let your users impersonate each other by editing their own cookies.

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