Friday, June 17, 2016

My Blogger Pipeline

For the past couple of years, I’ve been uncomfortable with the notion of Google watching my every thought as I type into a draft on the Blogger site. (Since a post whose working title was “VPNs are hard,” apparently.)

As a coder, everything can be solved with the code-hammer, so I wrote 7 KB of PHP. Now, I can write locally in Markdown, then run markup-menu.php.  This is a stupidly simple program that takes a unique filename prefix, finds the matching *.md file, and passes it to the much larger markup.php.

That program takes a file, preprocesses the Markdown a bit for compatibility with Blogger’s “preserve line breaks” setting, and post-processes the resulting HTML to iron out a few more quirks.  That file can be copypasta’d into Blogger.

Once there, it gets Blogger dressing like tags, then I click Preview.  If nothing’s wrong, it gets posted, as if it sprang fully formed from my head into Blogger.

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