Thursday, August 1, 2019

Containers are Interop

I mean this in the same sense as “XML was created to solve the interoperability problem.

The container craze is about the interoperability problem across environments. By vendoring the entire distribution and communicating only over the network, they essentially provide isolation for all the dependencies of a service. Maybe that part is the same, in essence, as the nix package manager.

But then containers have one more trick: they run anywhere with a “Linux syscall interface” underneath. Any environment with Docker support can run Docker containers, anywhere. (As long as the binaries run on the host, at least.) It’s not entirely simple—orchestration is an issue, and Docker is working on that, too—but the containers themselves become highly portable, since they’re shipped as black boxes. They don’t depend on code outside themselves, and as such, that outside code cannot break them so easily.

And maybe, by so fully entwining a Linux distro to our app, we’re forgetting how to be cross-distro or cross-platform. And the old coder in me wants to grump about that. Yet, that’s also a kind of freedom. Not everyone has to learn how to write cross-platform code if the container environment defines exactly one platform to run on.

Maybe we’re losing something, but we’re also gaining ease-of-use and accessibility in the deal.

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