Saturday, March 19, 2022

Elliptic-curve SSH key types

I meant to write a detailed post about the differences between ECDSA and Ed25519, but it became rather short:

Don’t use ECDSA.

It’s not fast, especially if implemented securely. ECDSA and the elliptic curves that it uses are provided by the NSA.  Standardized in 2000, ECDSA is basically 1990s crypto, which we should be aggressively replacing/upgrading.

[Updated 2023-01-28: I believe there are now improved functions for these curves that don't have "points at infinity," which had been the major cause of performance/safety problems.  However, with Ed25519, there's no need to dive so deep into the implementation to determine its characteristics.]

Ed25519 is a later elliptic-curve algorithm, designed to avoid all known or suspected problems of ECDSA and the NIST curves.  It was published in 2011. As far as I know—which, admittedly, is primarily from the author’s own site about ECC security—there are no new attacks that weaken Ed25519, nor the underlying Curve25519 specifically.

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