Friday, January 13, 2012

A nice vim highlighting hack

I wanted to highlight places where control flow could be redirected in my perl code, so I hacked up my personal colorscheme file to highlight Exceptions specifically:

hi Exception ctermfg=white ctermbg=blue

Now, I just needed to define the things I wanted highlighted as Exception*.  Thus, the newly added ~/.vim/after/syntax/perl.vim:

" flow control highlighting
syn keyword perlStatementCtlExit return die croak confess last next redo
syn keyword perlStatementWarn    warn carp cluck
hi link perlStatementCtlExit Exception
hi link perlStatementWarn    Statement

" and i'm tired of everything being yellow
hi link perlStatementStorage Define

The last line isn't related to the above, but it recolors my/local/our in Preprocessor Blue instead of Statement Yellow.  They do, after all, affect the state of the compiler at parse time.

* This means that I'm going to open a non-Perl file sometime and weird things will have Exception highlighting.  Nobody notices the subtle differences when it's all Statement colored by default.

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