Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Because I Can: SMTPS + MIME::Lite monkeypatch

I had an app that calls to MIME::Lite->send() to send an email, which until recently was using an SMTP server slated for decommissioning Real Soon Now.  It was my job to convert it to Amazon SES, and I figured it would be easier to tell MIME::Lite to use SES's SMTP interface instead of importing the web side's full Perl library tree just for one module out of it.

Ha ha!  SES requires SSL, and neither MIME::Lite nor Net::SMTP have any idea about that.  They were both written before the days of dependency injection, so I had to go to some length to achieve it.  And now, I golfed it a bit for you:
package MyApp::Monkey::SMTPS;
use warnings;
use strict;
use parent 'IO::Socket::SSL';

# Substitute us for the vanilla INET socket
require Net::SMTP;
@Net::SMTP::ISA = map {
  s/IO::Socket::INET/MyApp::Monkey::SMTPS/; $_
}  @Net::SMTP::ISA;

our %INET_OPTS = qw(
  PeerPort smtps(465)
  SSL_version TLSv1
); # and more options, probably

# Override new() to provide SSL etc. parameters
sub new {
  my ($cls, %opts) = @_;
  $opts{$_} = $INET_OPTS{$_} foreach keys %INET_OPTS;
PeerPort overrides the default of smtp(25) built in to Net::SMTP; I needed a port where the whole connection is wrapped in SSL instead of using STARTTLS, and 465 is the one suitable choice of the three that SES-SMTP supports.

The main caveat about this is that it breaks Net::SMTP for anyone else in-process who wants to send mail to a server that lacks a functional port 465.  But as you may have guessed, that's not a problem for my script, today.

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