Friday, November 9, 2012

CGI::Session and your HTTP headers

For CGI::Session to work, you must send the Set-Cookie header (via $session->header() or otherwise) when the session's is_new method returns true.  I discovered this by tripping over an awesome new failure mode today:
  1. Restart memcached (or otherwise create new session storage).
  2. Nothing stays saved in the session.  Can't log in.
When CGI::Session receives a session ID that doesn't exist in session storage, it changes the session ID to prevent session fixation attacks.  Which means that if you only send the header in the absence of a browser cookie, data is written to the new ID, but the browser will re-submit the old ID next request.

(It turns out my real problem was the stupidly simple error of 'trying to write to the wrong memcached server,' but the above did happen to my test page while I was trying to figure out why memcached wasn't saving anything.)

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