Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When Did PHP Get That?


  • Generators
  • finally keyword for exception handling with try/catch
  • Password hashing API: password_hash and related functions
  • list() in foreach: foreach($nest as list($x, $y))
  • PBKDF2 support in hash and openssl (hash_pbkdf2, openssl_pbkdf2)
  • empty() accepts arbitrary expressions, not just lvalues
  • array and string literal dereferencing: "php"[2] or [1,2,10][2]
    • But is that useful?
  • ::class syntax: namespace A\B { class C { }; echo C::class; /* A\B\C */ }
  • OpCache extension added
  • MySQL-nd supports sha256-based authentication, which has been available since MySQL 5.6.6
  • curl share handles via curl_share_init and friends [added to this post on 2015-02-17]
  • DEPRECATED: preg_replace's /e modifier, in favor of preg_replace_callback
  • safe_mode
  • register_globals
  • magic_quotes
  • call-time pass-by-reference
  • using TZ when guessing the default timezone
  • Salsa10 and Salsa20 hash algorithms
  • Traits
  • Class::{expr} syntax
  • Short array syntax: [2,3] for array(2,3)
  • Binary literal syntax: 0b1101
  • Closures can use $this in the body: function some_method () { return function () { return $this->protected_thing(); } }
  • Using new objects without assigning them: (new Foo)->bar()
  • CLI server
  • session_status function
  • header_register_callback function
  • mysqli_result now implements Traversable: $r=$dbh->query(...); foreach ($r as $res) { ... }
  • htmlspecialchars() and friends default to UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1 for character set.
    • This would be changed to use the default_charset INI setting in 5.6.
    • 5.4's documentation pointed out that default_charset could be used by sending an empty string, "", as the character set to htmlspecialchars—and said you didn't really want it.
  • Namespaces
  • Late static binding and associated 'static::method()' call syntax
  • "Limited" goto support
  • Closures aka anonymous functions, although they cannot make use of $this until 5.4
  • __callStatic() and __invoke() magic methods, to support $obj($arg) call syntax
  • 'nowdoc' and double-quoted 'heredoc' syntax
    • $x=<<<'FOO' consumes text until FOO and does not do any interpolation / variable substitution on it
    • $x=<<<"FOO" acts just like traditional $x=<<<FOO, both consuming text until FOO and doing interpolation / variable substitution as if it were a double-quoted string.
  • Constants definable outside of classes with the const keyword, not just the define function
  • Short ternary operator: a ?: b equivalent to a ? a : b
  • $cls::$foo syntax for accessing static members of a class whose name is stored in a variable ($cls in this example)
  • Chained exceptions: the constructor sprouted an extra parameter for a previous exception (generally should mean "the cause of this exception being constructed")
  • DEPRECATED: many features that would be removed in 5.4.0, including register_globals, magic_quotes, and safe_mode.

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