Thursday, September 3, 2015

SNS Deployment update

As an update to this old post from 2013…

We have moved to using php-fpm, so naturally suEXEC has been replaced by php-fpm’s configuration. That allows for running multiple pools, each running PHP scripts under their own user.

We have the “main” pool still using the same unprivileged user as Apache, and then there’s a “privileged” pool that uses the privileged user. Only the traffic on the port receiving SNS notifications is directed to this privileged pool. The main pool still has the same permission it would if it were running under mod_php, to ease the transition.

The transition was relatively painless, but only because I’d already converted per-dir .htaccess files into rules in the server config. It was part micro-optimization, part “I will probably want nginx someday.” Although Apache is still serving our needs admirably.

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