Thursday, January 30, 2014


I wrote a script called _vmconnect that either simply logs into a VirtualBox guest, or starts it headlessly first and then logs in.  With _vmconnect set as the command for an iTerm2 profile, I can open the session without caring whether the machine is running or not.

The full script became a bit unwieldy for a blog post (and I didn't want to maintain it forever within Blogger), so I published it to github.  You'll find it in my bin repository:


Update: _vmconnect version 1.0.3 fixes a possible data loss: if the VM was booted by _vmconnect, terminating the ssh connection it logged in with would also abort the VM.  You SHOULD pull if you are using _vmconnect 1.0.2 or prior (check your _vmconnect --version output!)

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