Monday, March 3, 2014


I used to regret, just a little bit, not getting into Bitcoin as soon as I'd heard about it (2012?)  But, I probably would have bought via Mt. Gox given their largeness and fame at the time.
  1. Gox is missing 850,000 BTC, of which 750,000 belong to customers.  Per bankruptcy filing.
  2. Gox is also missing 2.8 billion yen, about 27.6 million USD today.  Per bankruptcy filing.
  3. Hackers claim to have scans of passports that were submitted to Gox.  Per anonymous group that has at least two bits of inside info (call recording, source code).
Now I'm more relieved than anything.  It's like I dodged bullets by not showing up at the scene of the crime.

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