Friday, October 14, 2022

An Incomplete API: PSR-7 and PSR-18

Consider some code that is using http-factory-discovery to avoid depending directly on specific PSR-7 and PSR-18 implementations. However, the concrete classes may default to an infinite request timeout, in an environment where external forces (AWS ALB) will time out in 60 seconds. Therefore, in order to return a nicer error message, or get a chance to retry, one wishes to set a timeout like 25 seconds on the request.  Can it be done?

Not really!

A PSR-18 HTTP client has an interface consisting of a single defined method: sendRequest(RequestInterface $request): ResponseInterface.  There is no concept of options here.  The only hope would be to carry them as attributes on the request.

Unfortunately, there are no standard request attributes for HTTP options like this.  PSR-7 defines the attribute mechanism, but is silent about its usage. On the “real world usage” side, Guzzle 7 does not define any way to carry HTTP client options on the Request.

This makes the APIs easier to implement, but leaves a gap in them.  The only way out is to use a specific, concrete implementation.  And then what is the point of the discovery library?  If the application must contain its own code to work with underlying libraries, then all discovery does is add the possibility of returning an unrecognized type.  At that point, the app can only choose between running with degraded features, and crashing entirely.

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